Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Pushes your Button???? By Donna Jackson

Everyone has the point of no return, where common sense leaves and anger takes over. We often see people dangling the line of insanity, yet we don't know what exactly they will do. Truthfully speaking, they don't know either. We all were taught to turn the other cheek, or to exercise patience. Some of us were taught to use our mouth instead of our fist, or to REALLY think about what we are about to do. But what causes you to go off?? Well lets take a deeper look.

Everyone is different, We all come from different walks off life. We all were taught different ways to handle situations. Some of us can endure more pain than others, some of us have NO patience. Everything comes down to the person, and what happened hours before the incident, and how close to their limit they are.

So, with these things in mind, we get different reactions from different people. You may accidentally cut someone off in traffic, and they shoot you the middle finger. They could have done it just because it is Monday and they hate Mondays, or maybe they were in an argument early that day, or even late for work. Another incident could be a silly argument that blows up into a fist fight. Outsiders may wonder why someone would resort to violence over something so silly but one of the two parties could have had a bad day. The other party maybe going through some hard times and just needing to get stuff off their chest by any means necessary.

The point I am trying to make is we don't know what people are going through, and we never know how much or little it takes to drive them over the edge. But what we can do, is keep in mind that people die over "silly things" everyday. Innocent children are shot and killed over "silly things", families are turned away from each other over "SILLY things", Someone won't make it home to their family tonight over "silly things". Please lets be responsible enough to REALLY think before we act because one silly thing can lead to one pointless death.

By Donna L J

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