Friday, April 9, 2010

Goals....the wish i woulda edition... By KASH

Today i woke up and realized that i am 25 years and countless days old thus that much closer to 26. Wow, time sure does FLY when ur having fun. Or procrastinating. Both at which I am an expert at. ;-) With my realization of age, also came the harsh, unnerving reality that time is slipping thru my hands. Each wasted day is a missed opportunity to do SOMETHING, anything. By now I am well aware that i am what you would call a dreamer, although my intentions are great, my mind runs much too rampant with ideas to ever really focus on just one. Over the years, I've dreamed of being a gymnast, I dreamed of finishing school, I've dreamed of opening a spa, I've dreamed of being an A&R, all of these dreams (goals) and not one complete?!?!?! WTH have i been doing?? lol.... its a great question to ask and honestly the answer would prob be a whole lot of nothing. The truth is its Great to have a goal, a dream, but without a PLAN its just a whole lot of "I wish I woulda's". The last thing any of us want is to wake up one day older, fatter, uglier (not me ;-0), and useless singing the terrible "when i was younger i coulda been " or "if i had only done xxxxx Different". DO IT NOW!!!! U only live once so u might as well live great and leave a legacy!!!!! MAKE 2010 ur year and STOP BEING ORDINARY!!!!!! ......OK enough of the inspiration on to the silly ;-)****kisses**** KASH

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