Friday, April 9, 2010

Keeping it Real... What's it to You?? ...BY Donna L J

Everyone likes to THINK that they "keep it real' but the reality of it is... NOT everyone CAN keep it real! We must realize that their is always a ying to the yang. Where ever there is black there is white, where ever there is sexy there is ugly, and where ever there is smart there is dumb. Since our society is infused with the "ren and stimpy" syndrome we will always have those who are fakers and those that keep it real!

Lets begin with fakers! People who fake are always imitators of a reality they wish existed in their lives. Whether it's rented/borrowed luxury cars, showing off stolen paraphernalia as if they bought it, or pretending to be something they aren't. Some people pretend to be rich, some people pretend to be friends, and some people pretend to have it all together. For some reason people are scared to show who they really are. This fear of ones self usually stems from lack of self love.

People are so uncomfortable with themselves that they pretend to live the life of someone they aren't. So in their defense it is hard to keep it real, when you don't even know who you are. It is most urgent that we learn to love ourselves before we can be productive in society. Jumping in and out of relationships and friendships with no time for self growth will indefinitely leave you lost and inside you are alone. From this loneliness you feel the need for someone to be near you(no matter if they are near you for the right reasons or not)... whether you flash money, act like you are mean, hate on other people, draw attention to yourself in a dramatic manner. etc.

I myself in this case, was a faker at a point in my life... but since I have been single for years now I have grown to love myself indefinitely and to know my worth. In essence this causes me to accept Donna as Donna... with all my imperfections and LOVE my imperfections because they make me an individual. So now I have NO choice BUT to keep it real.

In closing I URGE you to keep it real WITH yourself...and people will LOVE you for who you are and not for who you aren't.

- Donna L J

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