Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We all have a voice, we all have a opportunity to take advantage of the various ways we can use our voice. Some people use their voices for good, and other people for bad. Some people make you think with their voice, others make you laugh. Its really up to the person how they decide to use their voice.

Through out everything I have been through in my life I decided I have a choice in how I use my voice. As a black female I find it disturbing that my fellow sisters insist on tearing each other down. Whether it is through degrading each other because of a man, or talking about each other through gossip, putting down each other because of career decisions or simply jealousy. I, for one am tired of this sad repetitive process and I plan to step out and stand up against this vicious cycle that is tearing down MY community!

HEAR ME : We are beautiful black women carved and created by God Himself! We are intelligent and we have the opportunity to enlighten our minds with knowledge to further educate ourselves and better ourselves. We have pride because of our past and we hold our heads up high. We walk with confidence because we know where we our going. We MUST uplift each other with LOVE and kind words. We MUST encourage each other with the strength we have from our turbulent triumphs in our past. We MUST realize our value and our worth and carry ourselves in such a way that others inquire of our vigilance and poise. We MUST hold hands together and press forward to a brighter future. We MUST keep our eyes on God because He will always lead the way. We MUST never give up hope for our off spring. We MUST be the examples our young black princesses can follow. We MUST set the standards high for our community. We MUST change the way things were so there will be a POSITIVE future filled with the beautiful sisterhood of the way things will be. SISTERS it starts with ME AND ENDS WITH YOU...TOGETHER LETS BE THE VOICE THAT CHANGES OUR CULTURE TO THE GREAT CULTURE WE KNOW WE CAN BE! AND LETS DO IT IN LOVE!!
I dedicate this to Jetara S... WHO INSPIRED me to post this blog post! God bless!


artwork by: Chidi Okoye


  1. Donna this was beautiful. I am so happy there are women like you out there. As a black woman I feel you on all of this. We have to start sending positives vibes to each other. It's crucial that we began walking in LOVE!!! Thank You for the dedication on this post. Girl I am in tears over here and I am not a crier but this touched me. Keep it up Donna because you are DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!

    From one black woman to another Love you and keep it up!!!

  2. Well as you know, I am not Black, but I am a woman, and this type of declaration should be made in all female communities.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that most of the women who are participating in this type of behavior on a daily basis are going to have a "girl, please" attitude because they don't feel there is anything wrong with what they are doing; they don't care about the next female. These are probably the same females who refer to themselves as bitches. Why someone would refer to them self as such, I do not know. I mean we can all BE a bitch in a noun sense of the word, but I would never use the word as a descriptive adjective for myself. It's a negative word and therefore holds negative connotation. So highly doubt that females of this genre would careless about uplifting other females.

    I do applaud you Donna for posting this in spite of said downfalls. You will receive praise from those, like me, who are with you and hopefully reach some new sistas who had the inkling that they need to change their ways. <3